Q&A about Propane & Fuel Debt Recovery

As propane and fuel marketers in the United States, you need a way of leveraging authority to recover overdue revenue. But how do you choose a collections provider to assist you in retaining your customers and getting paid within terms? Well, we asked our clients to share answers to some top questions that come up when it’s time to start the recovery process. We invite you to read their answers below and hope you will find that A.R.M. provides the balance required to enhance your cash flow while retaining your customers. *All answers below are direct quotes from real customers of A.R.M. Solutions!

Q: What made you choose A.R.M. Solutions as your collection provider?

A: “We were working with another collection company but not seeing the results we were promised in Phase 1 of their Flat-Fee program and spending far too much in Phase 2 contingency. We talked with other propane marketers in New England who were working with A.R.M. and decided to make the move. That was back in 2015, we are getting great results and we’ve never looked back!”

—New England Multistate Propane Marketer

Q: What changes have you noticed since implementing our revenue recovery services?

A: “Our AR percentages have been drastically reduced in just 12 months. In many cases, the customers that have been through A.R.M.’s Flat-Fee process have learned to prioritize our invoices. Essentially our customers now view our company as a creditor.”

—Vermont Propane Marketer

Q: Why do flat-fee collections work for your business?

A: “Due to A.R.M. of the propane industry, we’ve been able to separate “slow-pay” from “no-pay” customers early in the aging cycle and eliminate bad debt write-offs while reducing unnecessary operational costs. Additionally, we can’t do what they do because we have no leverage unless the customer needs a delivery! The leverage A.R.M. provides as a 3rd-party makes a huge difference. Even customers that were habitually late have become great customers that always pay within their payment terms! Something we could never achieve without the leverage A.R.M. Solutions provides our company. It allows our company to be viewed as a priority instead of an afterthought when their tank is empty.”

—New England/Midwest Propane Marketer

Here for Your Propane or Fuel Company

A.R.M. Solutions is happy to fill the void when it comes to effective revenue recovery practices. If you’re in need of a reliable debt collection agency that won’t cost you an arm and a leg, consider partnering with our team. We charge an average of 3% of your recovered dues—money that is already out of your pocket. This provides you with a net profit when you team up with A.R.M. Solutions. In addition, we are the only NPGA-endorsed revenue recovery provider and offer discounts through your propane state association. Learn more right here on our website. We look forward to working with you!