Diplomatic Collections Services for Fuel Companies

Nearly 1/5 of fuel and energy customers are behind on their bills. This leaves you as an energy marketer with one of two options: give up and absorb lost revenue from these accounts, or find a collections agency that won’t alienate your customers through harsh debt recovery processes. Fortunately, A.R.M. Solutions does things differently. Our Flat-Fee Service provides a diplomatic approach to collections and is effective in recovering revenue while retraining customers to pay on time and freeing up your staff to perform other tasks.

Flat-Fee Service

A.R.M.’s 60-day flat-fee treatment program’s cost-effective solution was designed specifically for propane companies who wish to implement a streamlined, consistent, and uniform accounts receivable and collections process. Our flat-fee, third-party collections contacts provide the best opportunity for contact and quick payment resolution.

Our clients find that introducing A.R.M. Solutions, a third-party collections agency with the ability to report credit, to slow and non-paying customers offers the leverage necessary to promote immediate payment and restore communications with customers. By allowing the customer to speak with you directly, you maintain the relationship with your client.

These contacts are specifically designed to stimulate payment from slow and non-paying customers and ensure identical treatment on 100% of the customers placed with us.  This flat-fee treatment is a time-sensitive, diplomatic approach that is used most effectively after your internal collections process.

  • Diplomatic Approach
  • Positive Customer Interactions
  • Open Lines of Communication
  • Dependable Customer Retention
  • Cost-Effective Solutions
  • Quick Payment Resolution
  • More Flexibility for Your Team
  • High Revenue Recovery Rate
  • Back-End Software Integration
  • Easy Online Portal Access

Full Service

If you choose our full-service collections option, you’ll benefit from included flat-fee, third-party collections as well as first-party services. While many companies have a consistent internal credit and collections policy in place, when resources are squeezed to perform at higher levels with less staff, contacting each past-due customer is never guaranteed. With proactive usage, your company will reduce DSO and operational costs associated with delinquency while focusing its internal resources on operations, sales, and customer service. All with the confidence that your customers are consistently reminded of their financial obligation, and delinquent accounts are managed appropriately throughout each stage of the aging cycle.

Our various first-party contacts, including targeted letters, emails, texting, and live agent outbound calls, are all done in your name. They provide the best opportunity for contact and quick payment resolution early in the aging cycle. Our contacts are specifically designed to stimulate payment from slow and non-paying customers and ensure identical treatment on 100% of the customers placed with us.


We Offer a Full Suite of Services

A.R.M. Solutions provides solutions to support the entire “lifecycle” of our clients’ individual portfolios, growth, and ongoing needs. With that in mind, we provide the following customized services for energy providers nationwide. Clients may utilize multiple services or choose just one as a stand-alone:

Flagship Offerings:

  • 1st Party C.A.R.E. Services
  • 1st & 3rd Party Flat-Fee Services
  • 3rd Party Contingency Services
  • 3rd Party Litigation Services

NPGA Affinity Partner


A.R.M. Solutions is the only debt collection provider endorsed by the National Propane Gas Association. Our credibility and track record have helped us to achieve this status, which we are honored to uphold. Whether or not your company is a member of the National Propane Gas Association, you are likely eligible to receive special opportunities in your state.