The Secret to Successful Propane Debt Recovery

While many companies have a consistent internal credit and collections policy in place, when resources are squeezed to perform at higher levels with less staff, contacting each past-due customer is never guaranteed. This practice of missing or inconsistent communication negatively affects customer behavioral payment trends while leaving a company feeling uneasy about moving accounts into a 3rd party collection process. As accounts age, the risk of financial loss and customer attrition increases. A.R.M. Solutions does things differently.

Our Flat-Fee Collections Service

A.R.M.’s 60-day flat-fee treatment program helps propane companies implement a streamlined and consistent accounts receivable and collections process. Our flat-fee, third-party collection contacts provide the best opportunity for contact and quick payment resolution. These contacts are designed to stimulate payment from slow and non-paying customers and ensure identical treatment of each account placed with us. A.R.M.’s diplomatic flat-fee treatment offers a time-sensitive approach and is most effective when utilized in conjunction with your internal collections process.

Want to Try a Different Approach?

A.R.M. Solutions provides solutions to support the entire life cycle of our clients’ individual portfolios, growth, and ongoing needs. With that in mind, we provide dozens of customized services for energy providers nationwide. Clients may utilize multiple services or choose just one as a stand-alone. You can also take advantage of our full-service collections process, which offers consistency and uniformity while minimizing internal administrative duties. Your Company will reduce DSO and operational costs associated with delinquency while focusing its internal resources on operations, sales, and customer service—all with the confidence that your customers are consistently reminded of their financial obligation, and delinquent accounts are managed appropriately throughout each stage of the aging cycle.

Try Using the Only Debt Collector Endorsed by the NPGA: A.R.M. Solutions

The National Propane Gas Association doesn’t just hand out endorsements—our partnership is built on the success rate of our portfolio. Introducing A.R.M. Solutions to non-paying customers gives you the leverage you need to promote immediate payment and give customers the gentle push they need to get back in contact with you. By enabling the customer to speak with you directly, you maintain the relationship you have built together over the years.

Contact us if you’d like to request a free consultation to see if our diplomatic and cost-effective collections service would be a good fit for your propane or fuel company.