3 Reasons A.R.M. Solutions’ Debt Recovery Works

If you’re a propane, natural gas, or heating oil company, chances are about 20% of your customers are overdue on their bills. Do you find yourself getting frustrated and giving up on recovering this revenue? After all, your options are limited—shut off the customers’ tanks and drive them into the arms of another fuel provider, give up and accrue the financial loss, or alienate them with harsh third-party debt collection. Well, we’ve got good news for you. A.R.M. Solutions does things differently when it comes to diplomatic revenue recovery. Here are three reasons why our unique process works:

1. We Retrain Your Customers while Recovering Lost Profit

At A.R.M. Solutions, we understand that there are no bad customers—there is simply a small percentage that has bad behavioral habits. While recovering your debt, we retrain your customers to pay on time by encouraging them to avoid future debt collection processes while sticking with your company. Since customers already trust your company with their home comfort and fueling, this provides a higher rate of return.

2. We Take Time to Show Customers You Value Their Business

We know how important your customers are, so we take extra care to treat them well, just like you would. After all, we know you may not be in love with the idea of turning your customers over to a debt collector, even a diplomatic one endorsed by the NPGA. Fortunately, A.R.M. Solutions has the answer. Our gentle yet firm methods lead customers back to you, providing a higher chance of rate recovery. You maintain control of all accounts, and we charge just a small flat fee regardless of the age and stage of the account.

3. We Allow Your Company’s Employees to Get Other Work Done

Along with recovering lost revenue for only a small flat rate per account, we can also help you gain more new customers. Our collections services free up your staff to perform any other work that you’ve had to place on the back burner. Your team may have hours extra per week when they are freed up from trying to pin down customers whose account balances are overdue.

Give A.R.M. Solutions a Try for Revenue Recovery

A.R.M. Solutions is the only debt collection provider endorsed by the National Propane Gas Association. Our credibility and track record have helped us to achieve this status, which we are honored to uphold. Get in touch to request a free consultation and see if our NPGA-endorsed and award-winning recovery processes would be a good fit for your energy company.