Retrain Slow-Paying Customers & Reduce Impact on Your Bottom Line

Though propane gas is a year-round fuel, and even heating oil and other fuels are needed during the warmer months, the fact of the matter is simple. Your fuel customers don’t feel as inclined to pay their bills during the warmer months. The dead of winter is when you have the most leverage to change the habits of slow- and no-pay customers, training them to pay on time and therefore retaining them as customers of your fuel delivery operation.

Weather Impacts Customers’ Payment Behavior

When the snow starts to melt and the customer isn’t as nervous of losing heat during a winter storm, slow- and no-pay habits start to become commonplace. To put it simply, when customer need reduces, companies run into cashflow issues. Warm weather just doesn’t motivate customers to pay for their fuel oil or propane, since they know their home and family won’t freeze without delivery.

Load-to-Load Mentality

We refer to this warm-weather slow-pay concept as load-to-load mentality: fortunately for your company, this is an issue that A.R.M. Solutions is very familiar with and fully capable of solving on your behalf. Our diplomatic and cost-effective solutions take collections off your plate and allow you to focus on what you do best: provide excellent customer service and high-quality products and reliable delivery schedules at reasonable prices.

A.R.M. Solutions Solves This Issue for You

In today’s economy, operational costs continue to rise while margins are decreasing. LPG companies must speed cash flow and reduce DSO to remain profitable. You have great customers…they just don’t all have great payment habits and may not prioritize their propane fuel bill until they need more propane. We refer to this as “the load-to-load mentality.” However, their creditors (mortgage, car payments, etc.) take precedence. Don’t let your company get caught out in the thaw next spring! Introduce A.R.M. Solutions’ diplomatic and customer-retention-based program. Your customers will begin to view you as they do their other creditors, significantly impacting how they view their present and future financial obligations. Eliminate collection issues before they begin! Let A.R.M. Solutions turn things around for you.