When to Hire a Third Party to Proactively Control & Avoid Debt

During the wintertime, every fuel marketer’s accounts receivable percentages look excellent. Why’s this, you ask? Customers pay on time when their options are “frozen” or “cozy.” But when spring rolls around, the load-to-load mentality of the customer shifts away from their heating fuel storage tank. New priorities are on their mind when it comes to budgeting, and fuel becomes less of a priority in their mind. Don’t let the warm weather sneak up on you—read this blog post to learn when it’s time to hire a third party to assist you in proactively controlling your AR and avoiding bad debt.

When It’s Hard to Locate or Contact the Customer

If your customer has moved, doesn’t pick up the phone, has an expired credit card, hasn’t settled a deficit budget balance, or offers excuses for lack of payment, consider introducing a third party like A.R.M. Solutions. We always direct the customer back to you, allowing you to maintain and foster the relationship you have built with them thus far and keep your retention rates high.

When Payment Is More Than 60 Days Overdue

If more than two months have gone by since the payment due date, the chance of receiving payment on your own is next to nothing. A.R.M. Solutions helps your customers view you as a creditor, giving higher priority to your bills and paying on time. The age of debt is the most deteriorating factor when it comes to recovery—let us help you.

When Spring and Summer Are Fast Approaching

When it comes to collecting bad debt, you have two real options: spend your internal resources working on the collection, or bring in a third party who can help leverage your services in a diplomatic and cost-effective way. When spring and summer are approaching, you lose the motivating factor of freezing temperatures and the threat of suspension of future fuel deliveries. Instead, let A.R.M. Solutions assist in helping your customers view you as a creditor rather than a luxury. This is not to mention the price of manpower, which has skyrocketed in the past few years. You’ll find that hiring a company to help you proactively avoid debt is much more affordable than trying to recoup revenue on your own.

Looking for a Partner in Fuel Collections?

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