Benefits of Working with an NPGA Affinity Program Provider

If you’ve shopped around for the best debt collection providers, ours may have given you pause—after all, were the only accounts receivable and debt collection Affinity Partner of the National Propane Gas Association. Being NPGA’s Affinity Partner is an honor that we revere and appreciate—so today, we’re going to share with you the benefits of choosing us as your collections partner of choice. Members of the NPGA and individual state associations can take advantage of several valuable benefits when working with A.R.M. Solutions for their collection services:

1. Discounts on Your Propane Collections Services

First and foremost, National and State Propane Gas Association members and affiliates have access to special discounted pricing on all A.R.M. Solutions’ collection services. That means that our fee for service, which is typically less than 3%, drops even lower when you take advantage of special collection pricing for propane. Simply contact us here for details on this special rate.

2. Supporting Your State Association

Along with discounted services, collecting overdue accounts, and avoiding would-be write-offs, working with A.R.M. contributes to your state association at no extra cost to you. NPGA’s Affinity Program will return a significant revenue share to your local state association for utilizing services from A.R.M. Solutions.

3. Recommendations from Other Association Members

As an NPGA Affinity provider, we work with a variety of your peer propane companies, proactively resolving upwards of 95% of dollars placed and eliminating potential write-offs and customer attrition. Our pro-active and diplomatic collection services have been tested and proven for many years within the LPG Industry. Many of which are graciously outlined in our expansive portfolio of satisfied energy clients.

But That’s Not All A.R.M. Solutions Offers

When proactively utilizing our diplomatic 3rd Party Flat Fee service, our clients can re-gain and maintain control of their accounts receivable. Many reduce the number of accounts that go past terms by 50% year over year. Simply by focusing their internal collections efforts earlier in the aging cycle (the easiest accounts to collect) while A.R.M.’s propane professionals do all the heavy lifting necessary to recover the older aging and harder to collect accounts.

Best of All, A.R.M. Solutions Interfaces with LP-Gas’s Leading Software

These user-friendly interfaces allow you to choose which accounts to send, monitor collection activity, and remain in complete control of your accounts throughout the process. Our clients love the benefit of utilizing the leverage of a 3rd party while still maintaining direct communications with their customers. Are you ready to recover revenue at just a fraction of the cost of other collection agencies and get control of your company’s AR? Get in touch with an A.R.M. expert today.