Leverage Your Fuel Collections in the Winter with A.R.M. Solutions

In many climates and states, January brings frigid temperatures and unpredictable snowfall patterns. For propane and fuel delivery companies in these chillier climates, now is the prime time to leverage your fuel collections. Oil and propane customers are most likely to pay on time for fuel they need immediately—fuel they’ll be worried to go without. Even if you’re not in a freezing part of the United States, winter is still a great time of year to leverage your services to encourage slow-pay and no-pay customers to settle their overdue invoices.

If the threat of service suspension does not create a response, your customer’s inaction will demonstrate that they are at risk. You’re competing with a handful of other creditors for the remaining funds the customer has to spend. If you have not heard back within 10 days of your service suspension notice, it’s time for A.R.M. Solutions to step in.

After all, it’s going to be more difficult to continue leveraging during the summer months. Fortunately, A.R.M. Solutions is your answer.

Retrain Slow-Pay Customers and Reduce Impact on Your Bottom Line

We’re well versed in the slow-pay habits of fuel customers, and we have a diplomatic and cost-effective solution that will alter the way customers think of you, giving them more incentive to pay off their overdue account. Fuel is an important year-round commodity, and your customers will feel more inclined to pay their bills during the winter while they’re thinking about staying warm and cozy. Take advantage of the current climate and chat with A.R.M. Solutions about how we can train your customers to take your bills more seriously.

We Treat Your Customers with Dignity & Respect

You have great customers—they just don’t all have great payment habits. When you introduce A.R.M. Solutions to your customers, they’ll start to prioritize your bills over their other creditors, significantly impacting their perspective on present and future financial obligations. Our third-party leverage heightens the need to secure their obligation with you, rather than alienating them. We’ll walk with you during every step of the process to help you eliminate slow- and no-pay issues before they begin.

Don’t Wait to Take Action

Recovering money from delinquent accounts can become extremely tough if adequate measures are not taken in a timely manner. Unlike electricity and water utilities, fuel suppliers don’t have the luxury of being a high-priority product during the warmer months of the year. Your customers wouldn’t skip out on a mortgage payment, so there’s no reason they should skip out on a fuel delivery bill, either. We’re here to support you and help your customers see the true value your company brings to the table.

Get in touch for a free consultation to learn how we can help you get customers to pay their bills on time, every time.