4 Steps to Choose a Debt Collection Provider

As a propane or fuel provider, you probably have several slow-pay or no-pay customer accounts that demand constant attention from your internal AR and Operational staff, inhibiting their ability to dedicate their time to customer service. This customer type may compromise your goals to enhance operational efficiencies and increase margins while also putting you in the frustrating position of debt collector instead of service provider. However, there’s a better way to restore and recover your revenue: partner with a diplomatic third-party collections agency like A.R.M. Solutions, and collect the money while retaining customers.

Step 1: Find a provider who is qualified and experienced in your industry.

A.R.M. Solutions is the only accounts receivable and collections provider endorsed by the National Propane Gas Association. As experts in the propane, fuel oil, and energy markets, we offer a diplomatic approach that is designed to re-educate and retain slow-paying customers that often compromise a company’s ability to operate efficiently and, therefore, reduce its bottom line. Our partnership with the NPGA only further demonstrates the high standards we uphold when it comes to professional communications and effective revenue recovery. Plus, we even offer discounts for all national and propane state association members: learn about discounts here.

Step 2: Look into alternative pricing structures that provide savings.

Ninety-nine percent of collections agencies operate on a contingency basis, meaning they take a percentage of all recovered revenue. A.R.M. Solutions does things differently. Our flat-fee collections changes the paradigm, giving you unique benefits, including leveraging time. After all, TIME IS MONEY, and it is the greatest variable in avoiding potential loss of revenue and customers. Also, with A.R.M., your company can be viewed as a creditor while also creating urgency with your customer and breaking the cycle of the LOAD-TO-LOAD mentality that plagues energy providers nationwide. A.R.M. has created the most impactful solutions variable available in the collections industry. The faster you get a move on collecting overdue revenue, the higher your chance of recovery and profit.

(If you’re interested in the flat-fee collections process, A.R.M. is the only place you’re going to find it!)

Step 3: Ensure their collections management software integrates with yours.

Along with our NPGA partnership, we have also joined forces with all of the major fuel marketer software. We integrate seamlessly with Blue Cow, Cargas, ADD Systems, Energy-Force, Rural Computer Consultants, Propane Management Systems, Vetrax, and more.

Step 4: Find out if the agency you have in mind will treat your customers right.

When push comes to shove, some propane customers will feel pressure to leave if they think they aren’t being treated right. We know how important your customers are, so we take extra care to treat them well, just like you would. We know you may not be crazy about the idea of turning your customers over to a debt collector, even a diplomatic one endorsed by the NPGA. Our respectful approach and direct methods lead your customers back to YOU! We offer solutions that provide the highest percentage of recovery while enabling your company to maintain and control the relationship with customers.

Want to give our NPGA-endorsed, diplomatic, flat-fee collections process a go? We’d love to speak with you. Click here to schedule a consultation with our experts—when the cashflow starts flooding back into your account, you’ll be glad you took this step today.