In recent years, rising fuel costs have taken their toll on many consumers, turning them into “slow-pay” or “no-pay” customers, putting you in the unfortunate position of “bill collector” instead of service provider. Positive cash flow is essential to your business, and slow-paying customers can negatively affect your bottom line.

A.R.M. Solutions provides the most cost-effective and diplomatic solution for slow-paying customers with delinquent balances.

…Find out why the NPGA selected A.R.M. Solutions to be the exclusive affinity partner for accounts receivable collections.


NPGA Announces Exclusive Endorsement

NPGA Affinity Partner

A.R.M. Solutions is the only debt collection provider endorsed by the National Propane Gas Association.

Our credibility and track record have helped us to achieve this status, which we are honored to uphold. Whether or not your company is a member of the National Propane Gas Association, you are likely eligible to receive special opportunities in your state.